"(Diana's performance) literally melted my heart" -Buzzfeed

"I heard someone I would love to hear again and again. I heard authenticity, beautiful voice ... I was not alone… I was sharing (an) experience only made possible by a certain amount of intimacy. It's nice being able to say I hear real value and talent…. I want to hear more Diana Flynn”

     - Paul Williams (President of ASCAP, Three-Time Grammy Award Winner, Two-Time Golden Globe Winner, Academy Award Winner)

A genuine and singular artist raised in New York’s Hudson Valley, singer-songwriter Diana Flynn has a clear mission and a gift for crafting emotional, atmospheric alt-pop. She’s driven by a desire to pursue her autonomous goals against all odds, and she works hard to inspire that same drive in others: to overcome adversity and focus on life’s beauty. Her lush, breathy voice, reminiscent of alt-pop icons Lana Del Rey and Fletcher, has a four-octave range, and her vocal style has been compared to Billie Eilish in its depth and tendency toward somber delivery. She’s become known for the distinctive, cinematic sound that haunts her tracks, a result of her unique ability to create and intensify mood through music. Whether she’s collaborating with local Nashville artists co-writing for sync or making music for her own releases, there’s a healthy flair for drama that enriches her compositions. She’s also a talented lyricist, crafting storylines that reflect real life, real people, and real feelings through rich imagery, playful wit, and effortless language. 


From playing “American Idol” with her siblings to singing Disney songs over the phone with her cousin, Diana has been inspired by music since early childhood. In high school she began singing at local restaurants and writing her own songs, becoming so devoted to music she once turned in handwritten lyrics instead of a math assignment. After deciding to forgo college to pursue music, Diana was discovered by a Nashville artist development scout-- an encounter that marked the first steps toward her dream career and resulted in several valuable music industry connections, with whom she wrote tracks for her first EP with. This work eventually led to a potential record deal with a major label. Though she ultimately didn’t sign with that particular label, the experience led Diana to ultimately realize what she wanted out of the industry. “At the time, I didn’t want a big label trying to change my aesthetic, my sound, or my looks. I was still developing myself. And I’m glad I made that decision, because it allows me to be free in what I create.”  


Lately, Diana has shifted her focus to advocate for those struggling with OCD, using her platform to spread awareness about the difficult realities faced by those diagnosed with the illness. In early 2020, Diana’s life and career came to an abrupt halt when she developed a form of OCD involving constant, unavoidable, and terrifying intrusive thoughts. Suddenly overwhelmed with the burden of her obsession and fearful that music might be the cause, she put her career on hold for nine months, unable to write, work, play music, or even eat. Eventually, she discovered the name for the condition she had developed and sought help, undergoing intensive treatment that allowed her to return to her true passion. “OCD changed my personality. At first, I was terrified all the time. But now that I’m on the other side of that battle, I see how I changed over the course of the ordeal. I’ve learned to take the actions of the person I want to be. I don’t feel sorry for myself, though I wouldn’t wish my nightmare on anyone. I’ve learned to direct my thinking-- not to ignore the bad, but not to focus on it, either. That’s powerful.” The transformative experience altered her musical style as well: While her earliest songs tended toward the morose, focused on personal sadness and struggle from an emotional standpoint, her later work embraces the more cinematic ups and downs of emotion, treating darkness as a dramatic backdrop in the theatrical spectrum of humanity. “I shifted to writing about the newfound confidence I felt after coming through that sadness. I broke away from what I’d been doing and decided to do my own, totally new thing. Now I write the background music for your favorite superhero villain.”  


Refreshed by the process of overcoming the past year’s struggles, Diana returned to her music career empowered and with a new determination to share her experience and talents with the world.  She follows a rigorous schedule in pursuit of her goals, taking time to fine-tune her craft through vocal training and diverse exposure to songwriting styles. She co-writes with numerous artists from around the world on a weekly basis, and is working to develop new tools for enhancing her signature cinematic sound for use in television and movies. She’s also redefining her brand to empower those with mental illness. “I really want to shine a spotlight on the realities of OCD, with the hopes of encouraging people struggling with it to love themselves and persist in their goals, despite whatever crippling obstacles may obstruct the path. We heal when we open up and connect. Music helps us do that.” Diana’s debut EP, set for release in 2021, will feature a range of original alt-pop songs, incorporating tracks she’s been working on since 2018 as well as brand new material.