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"I heard someone I would love to hear again and again. I heard authenticity, beautiful voice ... I was not alone… I was sharing (an) experience only made possible by a certain amount of intimacy. It's nice being able to say I hear real value and talent…. I want to hear more Diana Flynn”

     - Paul Williams (President of ASCAP, Three-Time Grammy Award Winner, Two-Time Golden Globe Winner, Academy Award Winner)

Singular, NYC-based artist Diana Flynn has a gift for crafting edgy, atmospheric alt-pop tracks that teem with raw, vibrant energy. Driven by a desire to pursue her goals against all adversity, her music inspires that same drive in others: to overcome struggle and focus on the beautiful things in life. She’s become known for the lush vocals, rich imagery, and unique harmonies that haunt her tracks, crafting melodies and storylines that reflect real life experience. Part playful, part vulnerable, there’s a signature boldness to her sound, whether she’s collaborating with Nashville artists on sync tracks or making punk-infused L.A. pop for her own releases.


Flynn was raised in New York’s Hudson Valley and has been inspired by music since early childhood. In high school she began writing her own songs and singing at local restaurants, eventually deciding to forgo college to pursue a career in music. She was soon discovered by a Nashville artist development scout, an encounter that, two years later, led up to a potential record deal with a major label. Though she ultimately didn’t sign with the label, the experience resulted in valuable music industry connections. “At the time, I didn’t want this particular label trying to change my aesthetic, my sound, or my look,” says Flynn. “I was still developing myself. That decision allowed me to maintain a sense of freedom in what I created.”  


In 2020, Flynn shifted her focus after a period of struggling with severe OCD, using her platform to spread awareness about the difficult realities faced by those diagnosed with the illness. The transformative experience was reflected in her always-evolving musical style: While her earliest songs tended toward the morose, she began to embrace the dynamic ups and downs of recovery, treating darkness as a contrasting backdrop for joy. “I shifted from what I’d been doing to a totally new thing: writing about the confidence I felt after coming through that sadness. Now I write the background music for your favorite superhero villain.”    

Flynn follows a rigorous schedule in pursuit of her dreams, fine-tuning her craft through vocal training and diverse exposure to songwriting styles through co-writing with artists from around the world. She’s developed a unique alt-pop sound that showcases her agile voice and four-octave range, with driving electric guitars and upbeat, sharply-defined wordplay (think Regina Spektor meets Red Hot Chili Peppers). For her debut solo single “Colorblind,” Flynn teamed up with L.A.-based singer-songwriter Lily Lewis and L.A. pop producer Sam X. Released in October 2021, “Colorblind” features a bright sound infused with melodic, pop-punk electricity. The guitar-driven beat and high, tight vocal harmonies give way to a propulsive, clever chorus, with lyrics based on real life experience: I see red flags/turning into green lights/I don’t see the stop signs/I guess I’m colorblind for you. The bold alt-pop anthem highlights two of Flynn’s biggest strengths as an artist: acute storytelling, and the ability to convey real emotion through her smooth, vivid vocal delivery. “I started writing this after leaving a bad relationship,” says Flynn. “I actually drove through a stop sign after breaking up with the person. I couldn’t stop thinking about the situation.” After a long period of writer’s block, she found herself writing about the experience, which eventually led to the memorable lyrics of “Colorblind”. “I was thinking about the idea of throwing caution to the wind, you know? Sometimes that’s the best way to move forward.”

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